Coastguards seize narcotics worth Rs330 million, nine arrested

KARACHI: Pakistan Coastguards conducted raids in Karachi and several parts of Balochistan and seized narcotics worth Rs330 million while nine suspects were arrested.

The coastguards raided the Naka Khari checkpost in Winder town of Balochistan and searched a mini truck carry vegetables. The authorities recovered 46 kilograms of high-quality cannabis and arrested one suspect.

A search and patrol operation was carried out at Naka Khari during which coastguards seized 754 kilogrammes of betel nuts, 576 stacks of illegal cigarettes, 460 packets of Indian gutka and other banned items.

Coastguard said that legal action is being taken against nine other suspects after banned items were recovered from five trucks In another raid, the authorities seized 135,000 litres of smuggled Iranian diesel.

In Karachi, a search operation was conducted at the Super Highway during 29,686 kilogrammes of betel nuts were recovered from four trucks while eight suspects were arrested. Coastguards said the total value of all seized narcotics is worth more than Rs330 million.

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