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Centre launches radio school, educational portal for distance learning

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan today (Friday) formally launched a radio school and an education portal to facilitate students across the country through a distance learning system amid COVID-19 pandemic.

The initiative of Radio School has been launched as a joint venture between Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training to ensure continuity of education, disrupted due to Covid-19.

On the occasion, the Prime Minister asserted that the federal government will ensure hiring trained, well-qualified teachers to make the facility of distance learning effective. He urged parents to help children take maximum advantage of distance learning by utilizing modern tools.

The premier also said that the government promised to introduce a Single National Curriculum (SNC) because it will help Pakistan band together as a nation. “Introducing a uniform curriculum was difficult, nonetheless, it is a great achievement of the government,” he added.

Describing the importance of uniform curriculum, PM Imran said that it was the only way to streamline the country’s education system which is currently divided on the basis of Urdu-medium schools, English-medium schools, and Madrassahs.

“These divisions at the school level prevent Pakistanis to unify as a nation,” he said, adding that the SNC will provide equal opportunities to everyone irrespective of their socio-economic classes.

PM Imran also stressed the need for a skill-based education system, stating that the Pakistani youth must be equipped with different skills in order to find appropriate jobs. “It is the government’s priority to improve the education system of the country,” he concluded.