CDA fails to ensure conformity of agro-farms houses in Islamabad

agro farm houses
ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority has been unable to enforce the rules and regulations regarding agro farms houses in the federal capital.
The agro-farms were formed to meet the city’s requirements for vegetables, fruits and poultry, but contrary to their purpose the farms continue to the used for commercial activities and recreational activities for the elite.
In August 2018, the Supreme Court has directed the CDA to inspect the farmhouses to point out construction violations by the allottees as many of them have built palatial residences instead of agro-farm houses.
The CDA had found that 504 farmhouses were not conforming to the regulations. The CDA amended the rules and regulations making it compulsory to plant 150 trees for orchards, while poultry farms were required to have a production of 4500 broiler hens or 5000 eggs.
According to the rules, eighty percent of the allotted land should be used for agricultural purposes. The Supreme Court had also fixed the maximum limit at 12,500 sq feet after which all construction would be demolished, however, this has also not been implemented.
In December last member, Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved a provisional report of the federal commission which was constituted to review the new master plan for Islamabad.
This includes the construction of the agro-farm houses but unscrupulous elements within the CDA are not fulfilling the vision of the prime minister. The farmhouses continue to be used as a status symbol and for luxurious purposes.
The CDA had allowed 504 farmhouses to be used for agriculture purposes to meet the city’s requirements. They were categorised as vegetable farms, poultry farms and orchards. In 2013, the Supreme Court has ordered the CDA to retore all these farmhouses to agricultural land.
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