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Brother killed at sister’s wedding ceremony over minor dispute

The cousin of the victim says that the killer was a friend of the groom in an equal marriage. (Photo: Online)

KARACHI: A young brother has been killed by an armed man on the day of his sister’s wedding in Bandhani Colony, Liaquatabad area.

According to the details, Hammad, a young man attending the wedding of his sister in Bandhani Colony, got into a fight with those attending the wedding ceremony.

On the day of the deceased Hammad’s sister’s wedding day, his quarrel took place when he was unable to find a way while leave the wedding hall. When Hammad asked for the way, a person spoke bitterly.

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The armed person sitting in the car opened fire and hit Hammad twice in the chest, as a result of which he died on the spot. After the shooting, the armed man managed to escape from the scene.

Hammad’s cousin Asif said that the person who opened fire was a friend of the groom. The police have arrested the groom as an investigation of the incident of murder over minor bitter words is going on.

It should be remembered that in other cities of the country, including Karachi, the incidents of shootings and killings are on the rise, apart from minor verbal abuse. Rawalpindi Police recently arrested a person.

Yesterday, the airport police in Rawalpindi took action and arrested the suspect who advertised aerial firing on social media. Weapons were also recovered from the arrested person’s possession.

The airport police on Wednesday arrested the suspect who uploaded content related to firing with illegal weapons on social media. A pistol and bullets were recovered from the possession of accused Bilal.

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