Boxer Amir Khan declines joining politics in Pakistan

LONDON: Pakistan-origin British boxer Amir Khan has denied any plans to enter politics in Pakistan.

In a tweet, Amir Khan said he has discussed with his advisory team and will decline any offer to enter politics in Pakistan. He said the country is run by the “amazing” Prime Minister Imran Khan and the nation trusts him.

He further said that he will continue serving his people through his charitable initiatives and make Pakistan a better and safer place to live.

“Talked to my advisory team, I will decline the offer to join Pakistan politics. The country is run by an amazing PM @ImranKhanPTI and we all have trust in him. I prefer continuing my charity work @AKFoundation in UK, Pakistan and rest of the world to make areas better and safer,” he tweeted.

Days after he visited Pakistan earlier this month, Amir had hinted at entering politics to serve Pakistan and voiced his desire to serve his country with a clean heart.

“I have been asked numerous times if I would join politics in Pakistan. Being a sportsman and being an ambassador for the country, I’m honored to be asked if I would take part in politics I would love to help the country,” said the two-time world boxing champion, adding: “I would love to make Pakistan a better place,” he wrote in his tweet.

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The boxer said that discussed the issues facing the country with many politicians and army officers. He asserted that he has been working on various issues like sports, education, and child labour in the country.

“I’ve sat with many politicians and army generals agreeing and disagreeing on topics in the country. My heart is clean and I would want the best for Pakistan. Let’s see how things play out. My old stable mate world champion boxer Manny Pacquiao also joined politics,” added Khan.

He said his old mate Manny Pacquiao from the Philippines also joined politics and did some great work for his country. He asked his followers to share their thoughts on his decision to join politics.

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