Nazia Ali

Nazia Ali

The writer is a social activist.

Trap of women’s praise

O women! Don’t listen to strangers. Praise from a ‘non-mahram for a woman is a trap hatched by the devil. Today’s post is especially for those women and girls who go out to win bread and butter for their families

The day we will never forget

The darkest day in Pakistan’s history – December 16 – returns every year reminding us of the innocent children who went to school to receive an education, not realizing that their books and bodies would be drenched in blood. I

Karachi needs a messiah

Karachi is the heart and economic hub of Pakistan. It is a megacity, the heart of Pakistan, the city of Quaid and the city of lights. In short, Karachi is a city with captivating places and a home to more

Child protection

Chaos is not only in Pakistan’s politics but in the whole system. Operations against terrorists have been carried out in the country and we have been successful. We have always relied on our institutions and the armed forces. However, the

Karachi loadshedding woes

Residents of Karachi are already suffering from an economic crisis and coronavirus pandemic as scorching temperatures are making lives miserable. Apart from that, they endure hours of unannounced loadshedding by K-Electric that makes no qualms in worsening the situation. The