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Attempt to poison US President Donald Trump foiled

WASHINGTON: An attempt to poison United States President Donald Trump has been foiled.

According to international media, a parcel containing toxic material was sent to the US President, but it was confiscated by the screening desk.

The US news agency reported that law enforcement agencies this week seized a packet of poison called ‘resin’ sent to Donald Trump at the White House. The FBI and Secret Service are investigating the toxic packet. Authorities said the parcel was sent from Canada.

The parcel contains toxic resin material. Resin is a highly toxic compound that has been used in a number of ‘terrorist’ operations in the past.

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It can be used in the form of powder, granules, or fumes. If swallowed, it causes nausea, vomiting, and internal bleeding in the stomach and intestines. It then damages the liver, spleen, and kidneys and impairs blood circulation, leading to death.

According to the news, a woman suspected of sending a toxic parcel has been arrested at the border while entering the United States from Canada. Law enforcement says the woman also had a pistol. The woman is being detained and further interrogated. 

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