Asim Azhar ‘feels angry and very ashamed’ on Minar-e-Pakistan incident

I pray for justice and riddance from such inhuman creatures: Asim Azhar (Photo: Instagram)

Singer Asim Azhar has expressed that he is feeling angry and ashamed to be a man and everyone else should.

The Ghalat Fehmi took to Instagram’s story and shared, “I am ashamed to be a man today. I feel angry and just very ashamed. And so should you and everyone else, after what happened at Minar-e-Pakistan. I pray for justice and riddance from such inhuman creatures.”

There is no denying that women are often mistreated in various parts of Pakistan. In many cases, they are even victims of heinous crimes including rape, sexual harassment, mental torture, and a great amount of humiliation.

The same happened with TikToker Ayesha Akram, despite being surrounded by male companions, she was allegedly harassed and assaulted by a mob at Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore on independence day.

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She was filming a video near Minar-e-Pakistan along with her friends when a mob of around 400 people attacked them.  The mob picked her up and started tossing her in the air.

According to the victim, she was stripped and her clothes were torn apart.  The victim while narrating her ordeal said she cried for help but no one came to her rescue. Along with Asim Azhar, many celebrities like Mahira Khan, Ahmed Ali Butt condemned the continuation of such horrific acts in the country.

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