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Arrest me but shame on you Punjab Police: Rabi Pirzada

Former Pakistani singer and actress Rabi Pirzada has shamed the Punjab police for their incompetence at work.

Rabi is a former Pakistani pop singer, television host, artist, and calligrapher. After announcing that she’s quitting the entertainment industry following her private photos and videos being leaked, Pirzada now works funding the education expenses of children and social works. In a recent video, she has helped helpless parents whose son is missing for three days.

In a tweet, she wrote, “We are an insensitive nation and our department and government are doing nothing but eating our taxes.” She lamented about the lost child that the poor man’s child has been missing for three days and there is no one accountable for the action.

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In the video, Rabi is seen discussing the matter with the parents who came to her house to seek help, she later took them to the police station. At first, one of the constables denied that the superior officer is in the office, however, they were allowed access and talked to the superior officers

After many heated arguments, the officers are seen denying fault from their ends, instead, they blamed the parents. The boy is missing for three days now.