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Apple iOS 14: Five Features That Users Should Know

NEW YORK: Apple has just revealed the new iOS 14 update which can give the user a free update.

Apple (AAPL) reviewed the new features in the update at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June, including new ways to discover and organize apps.

iOS 14 will include a new feature called App Library, which automatically organizes the apps on your home screen so you do not have to scroll through several pages to find what you are looking for.

These are five new features coming to iOS 14: 

1) Mini applications:

Through this feature, the user can access new apps with a small part of an app for use at the moment it’s needed.

2) Upgrades to group chats:

Apple now gives the option to pin the most important conversations to the top of the list of messages and mention others in group chats.

3) Upgraded AirPods:

AirPods will now have a new feature called “spatial audio” that aims to replicate a surround sound or movie theater experience.

4) Translation app:

The new feature can translate text and audio in 11 different languages and can translate in real-time when two people are speaking different languages to an iPhone.

5) Privacy:


Apple will give users the option to only share their approximate location with apps, rather than precisely where they are.

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