Apple devices could identify dementia: Study

CALIFORNIA: A study has suggested that Apple device uniting with computerized applications could differentiate people with a dementia illness.
According to drug-maker Eli Lilly, Apple devices, including the iPhone, in combination with digital apps could differentiate people with mild Alzheimer’s disease dementia and those without symptoms.
The study, tested in 113 participants over the age of 60, was conducted by Apple along with Eli Lilly.
The Apple devices were used along with a sleep monitoring device and digital apps in the study.
The researchers looked at device usage data and app history of the study participants over 12 weeks. People with symptoms tended to have slower typing than health volunteers and received fewer text messages in total.
The participants were also asked to answer two one-question surveys daily as well as perform simple activities every two weeks, such as dragging one shape to the other and tapping a circle as fast as possible on an app.
Apple is a US multinational technology company that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics.
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