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Angry mob sets Quran on fire in Sweden

STOCKHOLM: A massive protest set the Holy Quran on fire in Sweden against the arrest of a leader of a Danish anti-immigration political party who earlier burned a copy of the Islamic holy book.

The mob protested against his ban in the rally and burned the Holy book on the street of Stockholm. The burning of the Quran was a part of an anti-Islam protest which took place in the city, following the arrest of one Rasmus Paludan, who leads the far-right Danish anti-immigration party Hard Line was supposed to hold a meeting in the city.

Later, Paludanone had been banned from Sweden for two years due to concerns about him breaking the Swedish law. As such, he was stopped at the border and was denied entry into Malmo. Last year, Paludan had set a Quran on fire after wrapping the book with a piece of bacon.

In response, his arrest sparked outrage among his followers who then went ahead with the rally and set a copy of the Quran ablaze. Besides, three men were seen kicking the Quran around a public square during the day.

In a viral video, a group set spraying gasoline over a copy of the Quran and then set the book on fire during the day. The man was also being seen pointing towards the burnt Quran and condemning Islam in Swedish.

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