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An exemplary masterpiece: Sonu Nigam praises Pakistani song ‘Bol Hu’

MUMBAI: Indian singer and composer Sonu Nigam has praised Pakistani song ‘Bol Hu’ by expressing that he listened to a beautiful song after ages.
While listening to Adnan Dhol and Hadiya Hashmi’s Nescafe Basement version ‘Bol Hu’, Sonu Nigam could not hold his tears while listening to the song. “I didn’t expect that I will cry while listening to this song,” he declared.
The renowned Indian singer recently posted a video of him watching the song ‘Bol Hu’ on his TV. He can be seen getting emotional and crying as he continued to listen to the song. According to him, it has touched Nigam’s heart and soul. The caption shows his love for the song which stated, “An Exemplary Masterpiece”


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The singer said after a long time, something has touched his heart. While giving his comments on Hadiya’s singing during the video, Nigam said, “Wow! Amazing.”
He also revealed that the song was earlier sent to him by Javed Jaffery a few months back, however, he could not listen to it.”I have heard it before but this time, I heard it through my heart and it has nailed it!”
While praising the Pakistani singers, the 47-years-old singer expressed, “I cannot believe that people are making this kind of music which can make you cry is something rare nowadays!”
Soon as he posted the video, the band Soch who sang the song ‘Bol Hu’ also thanked Nigam that it is always gratifying and nice to hear something heartfelt like this from a fellow artist across the border.

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