Aima Baig opens up about recovering from depression after her breakup scandal

Aima Baig, who recently sang her own version of Kaifi Khalil’s chart-topper ‘Kahani Suno’, has opened up about recovering from depression after her scandal.

Recently, Aima Baig appeared in a short chit-chat session where she talked about recovering from depression after her scandal and learning from her mistakes.

Talking about it, Baig said, “Keep your life personal, stay away from social media, because it’s toxic, no doubt social media gives you success but at the same time it is ruthless.”

According to her, some people commit suicide, some people leave their profession, and some people go into depression. Baig recalled, “I went into depression a few days ago, as you all know, I was finding no way, then Allah summoned me and I took my father to Umrah where I got the chance to touch Khana Kaaba.”

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Baig added, “I was also lucky enough to have the gift of Ghilaf e Kaaba from them, Allah sometimes wants you to learn from your mistakes and that’s why he shows you things and I believe, everything happens for a reason.”

Baig said that she has learned from her mistakes. “Now I keep my personal life as personal, I think you should tell a little bit to your fans when you think you have achieved something and that’s enough,” he added.

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