Aemash Waqar – An incurable cancer patient with high hopes

Eighteen-year-old Aemash Waqar is suffering from an incurable form of cancer but still sees life in an optimistic way.

Aemash was diagnosed with cancer last year in January. A tumor was discovered on the left side of the shoulder, called ‘sarcoma’. He went through surgery and his left shoulder bone was removed.

This did not stop here. Aemash Waqar went through eight cycles of chemotherapy which was then followed by six cycles of post-chemotherapy.

He was turning back to normal life when his right shoulder fractured in February 2020 that caused him more than he had lost. He was diagnosed with a relapse of tumor, making his disease incurable.

Aemash Waqar was shifted to palliative care. It is a specialized medical unit for a patient whose treatment is incurable or require crucial attention.  This type of care is focused on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of the illness. 

Aemash shared there was a time he used to cry of pain and his doctors would support and make him feel comfortable and more motivated towards life. He thinks he is not important to the doctors as his disease cannot be treated as compared to other patients – rather it is his optimism that makes him see the world differently.

He believes death is inevitable now or later, a person has to die at his designated time. He tries to spend his time surrounded by positivity. He is thankful to God and his family. For him, the time his family has given to him is enough.

During his treatment, he has met Younis Khan, Shahid Afridi, Shehyar Munawwar, and many others. He wished to meet musical artist ‘Young Stunners’. 

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