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Activist Lena Ghani testifies in court in favour of Meesha Shafi

LAHORE; In Ali Zafar’s defamation case filed against singer Meesha Shafi, Pakistani artist and activist Lena Ghani has testified in favor of Shafi.

Recording his statement in the court of Additional District Judge Azhar Iqbal Ranjha, Lena Ghani claimed that Ali Zafar himself had sexually harassed her. She said that Ali Zafar was his senior in college and his current wife Ayesha Fazli was also among his friends.

Lena said that on 9th June 2014, Ali Zafar made an unnecessary comment about her during a social event. After which she felt that he was being considered as an object instead of a human being. She also mentioned more incidents when Ali Zafar said mean things about her.

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In November 2018, Ali Zafar had filed a complaint with the FIA, alleging that many social media accounts were posting “threats and defamatory material” against him. He provided details of some Twitter and Facebook accounts to support his claim.

Zafar had alleged that many fake accounts had been created to launch a smear campaign against him weeks before Meesha Shafi’s allegation of sexual harassment against him in April 2018. He stated that most of these fake accounts were allegedly connected to Shafi.

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