5 bold statements Kangana Ranaut made on ‘nepotism’

Bollywood had a real superwoman when Kangana Ranaut called Karan Johar the “movie mafia” on his show and also labelled him as the “flagbearer of nepotism”.
The word nepotism was unexplored and hidden in the Indian film industry until 2017 when actress Kangana Ranaut took a stand and started talking about it openly on multiple platforms.
Bold and fearless actress Kangana Ranaut, who is famously known for her lead role in the movie ‘Queen’, has always been in the limelight because of her strong yet controversial statements.
Many actors have since spoken about the biased behaviour of the film industry towards outsiders. Her honest nature makes her the most loved actress.

Here is the five bold and powerful statement Kangana Ranaut made on nepotism:
“Star kids are much more protected. They know many things already; how to talk to the media, staff, and producers. But when we come we learn and we learn the hard way.”
“Nepotism exists everywhere, we have grown up seeing it. When I talked about it, perhaps people were subconsciously observing it, they wanted to talk about it. My comment worked as a catalyst.”
“The ‘outsiders’ in the film industry should not lose heart if they face discrimination.”
“When I came to Mumbai, they saw me this village woman who had a weird accent and weirder appearance but u didn’t see myself like that.”
“I was told if you don’t speak English how do you expect to work in Hindi films.”
Not just on nepotism, Ranaut is also known for taking up social causes and speaking her mind without any hesitation.
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