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This youngster started building guns after playing video games

Many young people play video games as a hobby and in their past times. However, a youngster in Rawalpindi has started making guns from cardboard boxes after playing video games.

Imaduddin Baig is an FSC student residing in Rawalpindi. The family hails from Sadiqabad and his father works in the army. In an interview with MM News, Emad said the idea came after he starting playing the widely popular PUBG game but was not impressed and deleted it. After a few days, he reinstalled the game but now he was more interested in the guns rather than the game.

“I loved video games and the guns used in it. I watched these guns for three or four days to see how they work and how they can be made,” he said. “I saw the guns on the internet and started designing them. I thought about the material of the gun and which material could be easily used to make it.”

Emad observed the guns for three to four days. He searched the internet and started designing them. He made the first gun in four days using a hard sheet cover, ice-cream sticks, rubber glue and an adhesive.

The bullets were made using hardcover which can be fired in his magazine like a real gun. Emad has designed an AK-47, AKM74u, M29, 0.96 colt pistol HK-416UZ, M1 grand double-barrel shotgun. He has also made pump-action shotgun QBZ19, AW-SIM type 100, P90 and M16 guns. He made also built a helmet used in the game and has all the material lying in the house. 

Emad said his guns are popular and many people even come to buy them. He wants to study and become an armour designer and serve the country. He said his parents, sisters and grandmother encouraged him when he built his first gun. This motivated him and since then he has made guns of more than twenty different styles and models.

Emad is lauded by his friends and is gaining popularity in the locality and many people come to see and are interested in buying his guns. He wants to continue his activities along with his studies. “I have learned a good thing from the Pub G game. I want young people to work constructively instead of wasting time,” he said.

Emad said he is proud that his grandfather and father are officers in the Pakistan Army and he wants to work in the military as an armour designer.

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