Yasra Rizvi expecting first child, flaunts her baby bump

KARACHI: Famous Pakistani actress and writer Yasra Rizvi is expecting her first baby.

Taking to Instagram, the Churails actress shared the news while flaunting her baby bump indicating that she is pregnant. She shared two photos in which she can be seen caressing the baby bump while reading a script of a drama serial that the actor has been working on for quite some time.


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Her recent Instagram post says, “Waiting for the monitor p.s. waiting is half the job and patience is the only way to get it done!” Earlier she had also posted, “To deliver or not to deliver?”

The actress married Abdul Hadi in 2016. The couple especially Yasra was brutally criticised on the internet who had with her for marrying a man ten years younger than her.

Earlier, Yasra Rizvi had declared herself a feminist since the age of six or seven. In her most recent interview, Yasra Rizvi said, “Whether you take a look at my acting projects, written productions, or even personal life, all reflect my feminist inclinations”.

She further emphasized her stance to audiences clarifying that she doesn’t require the term “feminist” as a license to live life according to her own set of rules.

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“Feminism is basically a mindset which implies that everyone, whether it be man, woman or a transgender person; should all enjoy equality in society, freedom and civil liberties, and this should go without saying,” Rizvi added, adding nobody’s right to chose for themselves should be tampered with.


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