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Woman declared dead wakes up during washing ritual

KARACHI: A female patient at Karachi’s Abbasi Shaheed Hospital was declared dead by the doctors while she was still alive, but later died on Thursday.
Dr. Salma Kausar said the woman was brought back to the medical facility after she came to life but died at 5:15 a.m. on Thursday morning. She was identified as Rasheeda Bibi, 50. The doctor said that in a little while the hospital will issue her death certificate.

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The hospital doctors yesterday issued the woman’s formal death certificate and then shifted her body to the cold storage for remaining rituals leading up to her burial.
According to Islamic burial traditions, the woman was being bathed before her burial when, what was considered a corpse came back to life. The women nominated to bathe the corpse of Rasheeda Bibi ran out of the mortuary.

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For the past year and a half, 50-year-old Rasheeda Bibi suffered from paralysis. Upon restoring her mental abilities, the family and loved ones moved Rasheeda Bibi back to Abbasi Shaheed hospital for treatment.
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