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Woman demands justice against local feudals

RAWALPINDI: A woman has appealed for justice against local feudals who she said attempted to sexually assault her and torture her husband and children.
The woman, a resident of village Rajar in district Khushab, said the family work for a local feudal Sardar Nadeem and Sardar Waseem, who deceivingly brought them from Rawalpindi and have been held them in bondage to work for them.
She said that over 40-50 men are usually present at the hideout where the feudal attempted to sexually assault her on several occasions. She said her husband and children were being confined against their will.
She said that Waseem also threatened to kill her son, while Police have refused to take action and are pressuring them to reconcile with the fuedals. “Police told us to reconcile with Sardar Waseem, they are very influential, we cannot do anything. They tortured my son, Subhan, and smashed an alcohol bottle on his head,” she said.
The woman said she called her father, informing him that she was being held against their will by the fuedals, and that he should set them free. Her father lodged a complaint, but instead police brought them to Chauntra police station and threatened them to remain silent.
She said that there was no one to address her concerns. City Police Officer (CPO) Rawalpindi has told him to complain at Chauntra police station but the officers there have refused to lodge their complaint.
She appealed to IGP Punjab and Chief Minister Usman Buzdar to provide justice to end the atrocities and exemplary punishment to the feudals. She also demanded to receive her outstanding salaries and the livestock including nine goats confiscated by the police.
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