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Man seeks to rebuild house destroyed in 2009 Mohmand operation

RAWALPINDI: A resident of Mohmand Agency has urged for support after his house was destroyed during the military operation against terrorists in 2009.
Lal Sher, who hails from tribal areas and now resides in Rawalpindi, said he does not have the resources to rebuild his house destroyed in the military operation, while he did not protest for eleven years as it was a national solidarity issue.
Lal Sher has moved to Rawalpindi and lives in a rented house with his family including eight children. He has been struggling to meet his household expenses, saying the situation has worsened due to the lockdown.
He claimed that he had appealed for assistance from the political agent in Mohmand, now district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, who only helped his handpicked people while others were deprived of any assistance.
He said his house remains completely destroyed and remains just a barren piece of land. He said he does not have the money to even return back to his native area and repair his house.
He said he is struggling to provide even basic meals for his family and the situation has been worsening with every passing day. He appealed to the prime minister and the army chief to provide financial assistance so he can reconstruct his house.
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