Why did ‘Dunk’ star Azekah Daniel leave out Sana Javed from their group photo?

Directed by Badar Mehmood,  the storyline of Dunk is based on social issues.

As most talked drama serial ‘Dunk’ recently ended on a promising note, news of both leading costars Sana Javed and Azekah Daniel being not on good terms have surfaced on social media.

The drama ended two days ago, it is when Azekah Daniel, who played the role of Bilal Abbas’ wife named Minal in the drama decided to post throwback memories of the show in which the whole team was spotted on the celebration of the drama except Sana Javed.


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In a post on Instagram, Azekah Daniel wrote, “Dunk is a depiction of true events and the reality of another side of the story. Finally, this journey comes to an end tonight with its last episodes.”

She went on to say that she hopes the end does justice to all the viewers who watched this drama and constantly applauded it with appreciation and love. “Will miss being part of such an amazing cast and crew who always motivates and pushes you to your utmost potential,” she posted.

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She also hoped Dunk depicted to the audience the message it wanted to convey. Things seemed smooth until one of the social media users decided to verbally attack the actress by calling her ‘side actress’.

The user also claimed that the actress deliberately not posted Sana Javed’s picture from the event. The comment was not well received by Azekah and she decided to hit back: “FYI some people don’t think others to be worthy enough to be part of their photos and videos. Keep your hate to yourself. If you don’t know the story keep your mouth shut ”

Directed by Badar Mehmood,  the storyline of Dunk is based on social issues. The drama highlights story of ‘false accusations’ and sexual harassment at an educational institute.




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