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Who is Hijab-clad Indian girl Muskan standing up to Hindu extremists?


In India, during the rule of Narendra Modi, the life span of Muslims has been restricted and the hijab of Muslim female students in educational institutions is being specially targeted.

In response to the extremist slogans of extremist Hindus in Karnataka yesterday, the slogans of a hijabi girl chanting Allahu Akbar have reached all over the world. However, the question arises here whether the victims of atrocities in India have awakened for their rights or not?

Muslim population in India

According to the available data, India has the second-largest Muslim population after Hinduism and the Muslim population in India is 14.2 percent. According to the 2011 census, the Muslim population in India was over 172 million. The Muslim population of India is the third-largest in the world after Indonesia and Pakistan and the largest Muslim minority in the world.

Condition of Indian Muslims

Muslims are found in a majority in India and there is no room for division on the basis of religion in the secular constitution of India we have seen in India that be the president, the captain of the cricket team, or in the showbiz, and in every walk of life, Muslims seem to be serving India. However, it is also a fact that under Narendra Modi, life has become difficult for Muslims in India. Muslims in India are living in extreme fear. Muslim students

India has seen an increase in the mistreatment of Muslim female students in recent days. Hijab students are being barred from getting an education in Indian educational institutions. Recently, some Muslim students were expelled from class on the grounds of religion, after which they were forced to sit on the steps of the school, while harassment of hijab-wearing female students has become commonplace in educational institutions.

Karnataka incident

A video is going viral on social media in which a hijab-clad student enters the college and parks her scooter in the parking lot. As they park their bikes, dozens of extremist Hindu students approach the student wearing a saffron-colored muffler around their necks. Instead of being scared, the student in the hijab started marching towards the college building shouting Takbir in front of the obsessive boys while the obsessive mob kept chasing the girl and tried to scare her by shouting loud slogans.

Tensions after incident

Protests against the hijab ban continue in India and due to the tense situation, the administration has announced the closure of schools for three days.

Hundreds of citizens protested against the ban in two cities in the state of Karnataka. Officers from the campus during the latest protests used tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Who was the Muslim girl?

Karnataka responds to fanatical Hindu extremists with Allah Hu Akbar slogans, said Muskan. “I was not at all afraid to face the extremists alone, the extremists did not allow me to enter the college wearing burqa, the principal and lecturer of the college came to my aid and protection,” Muskan added that the protest for hijab will continue it is part of the identity of a Muslim girl.

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