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When you order Halime Sultan from Daraz: Ertugrul fans troll Nida Yasir

TV host Nida Yasir, who recently dressed similarly as famous Turkish character Halime Sultan in the series Ertugrul, has somehow angered the netizens.

Donned in traditional blue attire with a statement headpiece, Nida Yasir hosted a Ramzan transmission last week, however, her dress being dolled up as Halime Sultan was, however, fumed the fans as the public gets sentimental in any matter related to the renowned Turkish drama ‘Ertugrul’.

The Dirilis fans could not resist trolling her. One of the netizens wrote, “When you order Halima Sultan from Daraz”. Someone wrote, “When you cast Halima Sultan in the low budget”. A social media user wrote, “When you order the wrong Halimy”.

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