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WhatsApp may soon introduce feature to hide last seen for specific contacts

Users can ask the digital assistants to read out messages. Source: DW.

WhatsApp is planning to work on a new feature through which it will become easier for people to hide their last seen, status, profile picture from selected people.

Currently, users have only three options to choose from. They can either let everyone see their profile picture, last seen, and status or keep it limited to their contacts. However, there is no option to hide the above-mentioned things from specific people. This is what WhatsApp was spotted working on recently.

This will allow users to prevent certain people from viewing the last seen, profile photo, or personal info on WhatsApp. This feature will be available for iOS and Android devices and a similar option will be available for profile photos and about.

Moreoevr, WhatsApp users can now easily send messages without even typing them on the messaging app – all thanks to digital assistants.

Users just need to ask the virtual assistant to send a WhatsApp and then your work will be done. Android smartphone users can use Google Assistant to send messages, while iOS users can send WhatsApp messages using Siri.

Users can also ask the digital assistants to read out messages, but the virtual assistant will ask for certain permissions, which you will have to provide if you want the assistant to do your work. This is a convenient way of sending messages when you are busy or not in a position to type a message, but still, need to send a message.