What is the Shalimar theatre scandal?

Shalimar Theatre is located in Lahore (Bol News and online)

In a shocking incident, obscene videos of female stage actresses were made from the hidden cameras in a theatre called ‘Shalimar theatre’.

Since then, people are curious about what the scandal is about and why these actresses were filmed?

The incident

Located at Bhatta Chowk in Lahore, Shalimar theatre’s three prominent live performing actresses namely Zara Khan, Mehak Noor, and Silk Choudhary were filmed changing their clothes through a spy camera fixed in their dressing room. 

FIA’s involvement

Just their video went viral on social media, the victims contacted FIA’s cybercrime wing and reported the transgression carried out against them, citing all the vital details along with naming most likely suspects.

This helped FIA to briskly wrap up the case in record duration and arrest their co-actor Kashif Chan who later revealed he placed multiple cameras behind the mirror, his cell phone’s forensic revealed the device was laced with a spy-cam operating app and questionable material featuring victims.

The real culprit

As we know the person who filmed the actresses’ nonsense video was no other than their co-actor Kashif Chann. But after being investigated he admitted that he filmed the actresses on demand of fellow actress Khushboo Khan who promised him to grant him Rs1,00,000 for the video.

Khusboo Khan

According to Kashif Chann, he was only an associate, and it was senior stage actress Khushboo Khan who is behind the actual mastermind, the one who gave him money to execute her plan. He claimed that she also installed the application in his phone for controlling filming devices.

The reason

It is being speculated to be said that professional jealousy was the main reason behind her actions.

The senior actress was reportedly scared of irrelevancy and unhappy the three actresses had stolen her limelight.

FIA and Khan

An FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing just after being notified of Khusboo Khan’s involvement in the case registered a case against the stage actress and others for leaking a video of other actresses’ video in which they are changing clothes.

Stance of Shalimar’s chairman

Shalimar Theater Chairman Malik Tariq clarified his position saying the management did not make the videos neither he is aware of such acts.

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