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What does Aiman Khan think of husband’s unfaithfulness?


Actress Aiman Khan has recently appeared in an interview with ‘Voice Over Man’ where she talked about marriage and the unfaithfulness of a husband. 

While talking about marriage, Aiman Khan said that she does not think so marriage reduces a value of an actress.  “There are a lot more things which can reduce your value as an actress,” she maintained.

According to Khan, everyone should get married at the right time, otherwise it creates a lot of issues. “I have seen a lot of actresses who are aged but are still unmarried,” she maintained.

(Online)While talking about the husband’s unfaithfulness, she mentioned that if Muneeb ever cheated on her. “I will shoot him with a gun and not spare him,” she said.

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On being asked to give a piece of advice to her fellow celebrities, the 23-year-old social media queen did not hesitate and got candid.

Rauf asked Khan to advise TikTok star, Jannat Mirza, to which Aiman responded she should wear less make-up.




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