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What are online job opportunities available in Pakistan?

You can earn money online in any field of expertise, get started today. (Photo: Pixa Bay)

Science and technology have created a revolution all over the world, including in Pakistan, and numerous ways have been invented through which money can be earned through online jobs and home needs, as well as facilities, can be purchased.

According to a recent study, millions of people in Pakistan search for online jobs every month, but very few of them can get their desired job and get online job due to various reasons, but it is important to know that online Let’s take a look at what can be the cases of line employment. Typing and content writing

Many people around the world earn a living by typing and writing creative content i.e. content writing, but in most cities of Pakistan, this job is limited to working in composing centers and companies.

You can earn money from typing and drafting, including writing applications, CVs, articles, and research columns, by offering your services on websites like Online Fare, Upwork, or Freelance.

Several news websites also provide opportunities for women and men to earn money by working from home which can earn thousands of rupees per month.

Graphics Designing

If you are proficient in software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign then graphics designing is not a new field for you. Corel Draw is used in most offices and composing centers in Pakistan, but Illustrator is preferred globally.

Book publishing companies are also in great need of illustrators and graphics specialists and online jobs in these fields can earn money by creating letterheads, visiting cards, and logos.

If you want to earn money through online graphics designing and you have expertise in this field then graphicriver.net can be an important website for you to earn money in dollars. Many more such websites can be found on the internet.

Website Designing and WordPress

Hosting and web designing have been exciting and profitable businesses for computer enthusiasts for many years. Undoubtedly, lakhs of crores of capital is needed to open a hosting company, but for WordPress and web designing, investment is not necessary.

Generally, PHP, CSS, and HTML are considered basic languages for web developers which are very easy to learn to create any type of website. The time required to learn all the subjects is not that long, but many people prefer CMS over coding.

Word Press needs no introduction for designers and web developers as it is actually a CMS i.e. Content Management System. A website can also be created using Drupal, Joomla, and PrestaShop, among other CMS for which no coding knowledge is required.

People who know PHP and other essential languages also create and sell WordPress themes and plugins on websites like Code Canyon and Theme River, which can earn huge income in US dollars.


Nowadays, many people are doing business even by opening an online store for which there is no need for any office. It takes less than a day to open an online store with multiple CMS including Word Press, Magneto, PrestaShop, and Zen Cart.

Most of the time is spent on uploading your product images, information and pricing, followed by promoting the website through social media and Google Ads. 

YouTube channel

Opening your own YouTube channel is a no-brainer. Nowadays, from young children to old people, they have opened their own YouTube channels where they can upload videos and convey their messages to a large number of people.

Initially, YouTubers focus on getting maximum views i.e. a maximum number of people watching their video in minimum time, then comes the phase of earning money.

Video ads placed on YouTube through AdSense and Amazon products are also monetized after getting maximum views, while YouTube management through YouTube Shorts directs dollars to video creators. 


Web 3.0 is here. A non-fungible token, also abbreviated as NFT, is a name for something you own that you sell the ownership rights to.

Trading of NFTs is going on very fast on various websites including OpenC.IO. You can sell an image, audio message, tweet, or even a first copy of a book as NFT.

There are countless other ways of online jobs and freelancing depending on your skills and abilities. It is better to get an online job in the same field on the internet that you have expertise in yourself.

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