We’ve been shutting our eyes over child abuse: Shaniera Akram

We've been shutting our eyes over child abuse: Shaniera Akram
KARACHI: Shaniera Akram, the wife of former captain Wasim Akram said that people have just had their eyes shut for too long over the case of child abuse.
In a series of tweets, Shaniera Akram wrote that child abuse did not increase recently, it was the people who acknowledged the problem now.

Akram wrote, “It has been happening in our homes, schools, and places of worship. We owe it to our children to wake up and fight for them. It’s not their problem it’s ours!”
She continued to highlight the same issue of the sexual assault that a child faces, “Anyone who thinks their reputation is more important than their own child’s health & safety has rocks in their head.”

She added, “A child’s future is better without abuse than whatever they will face in the future. Families & communities need to band together & fight for their children’s welfare.”
In another tweet, she wrote, “Every time we hear of a child being abused, we say we should have done more to protect them. Let’s not have the next time, let’s act now.”

She added, “Anyone who knows of a child who may be in harm, it’s your duty to report before it’s too late.”
This is not the first time Shaniera has highlighted and raised the voice for a social issue, in November she said that our ocean was polluted and no matter how hard we worked at cleaning, the beach rubbish would wash in every day.

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