Virus, faith and immune system

Shahid Rizvi

The writer is a journalist.

Among the cosmos and the millions of galaxies in the universe, planet Earth was chosen for God’s best creation with all the necessities for life. Water and air, animals, marine life, and crawlers also lived until man used his mindset to exploit the planet’s resources, causing immense destruction. Then nature unleashed its forces to regain control and heal itself while mankind faces an existential crisis.
Today, the crime rate around the world has reached an all-time low as murder, theft, and robberies have reduced. While man is no longer killing man, the death of mankind has been going on the face on the earth. The killer this time around are not power-driven, ego-centric men but a microscopic organism not even visible to the naked eye.
The novel coronavirus – officially called COVID-19 – is a lethal disease that has already affected more than one million people worldwide and killed at least 50,000 people. The virus took advantage of the world being a global village and swiftly spread across the world. The respiratory disease spreads from human-to-human contact and the victim starts showing persistent symptoms with two weeks. There is no cure or vaccine as the virus is new and various experiments are being conducted.
The question remains why the Al-Mighty, who is the most beneficent and merciful, would leave man vulnerable and succumb to a deadly disease that has no cure or treatment. Will man suffer until he does not find a vaccine for this virus? This is certainly not the first pandemic for even when there no concept of medical science, people faced even worse epidemics and survived and their only protection was their immune system.
The immune system functions under five major organs and the integrated gland system. The first is the thymus gland, located between the lungs and below the neck. The second, spleen, is located in the upper section of the abdomen. The third, bone marrow, is inside the bones, the fourth lymph nodes are present in the body, and the fifth and most important are white blood cells.
The white blood cells, also known as leukocytes, are in a way the defence forces that protect the body. The phagocytes in the white blood cells feed on the harmful microbes that enter the body, while neutrophils are a battalion that kills infections. On the other hand, another armed force lymphocytes are divided into two parts, namely T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes, that destroys germs and win every battle with the disease. This does not happen every time that the body becomes immune. If the system is weak in front of the germ, then there is a drug to intervene.
The coronavirus is on the rise because no drug or vaccine has been invented yet, but fortunately, the human immune system is well-built and eighty percent of the patients are recovering. Doctors and health experts are advising to keep the immune system strong until a viable treatment or drug is discovered. In case you are infected with coronavirus, despite the safety precautions, then only your immune system will be able to protect you.
To improve the immune system, you need to increase regular intake of fruits and vegetables with high levels of Vitamin C. Although there are Vitamin C tablets reasily available, they should be taken along with Vitamin D. The consumption of dry fruits will also help improve diet. Quit smoking and all sorts of narcotics and harmful substances as it increases mental stress and weakens the immune system. Nature has provided us with a built-in defence mechanism and we need to make it stronger.
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