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Wednesday 29th November 2023 / 16 Jamadilawal 1445

Uzma Khan scandal: Lawyer Khadija withdraws from case

LAHORE: Three days after a local court issued the arrest warrants for the three women who attacked actress Uzma Khan and her sister, both parties have settled the matter out of court, sources said on Tuesday.
Meanwhile, Uzma’s counsel Khadija Siddiqui also disassociated herself from the case. Sources said that the matter has been settled and according to Uzma’s lawyer Khadija Siddiqui.
According to Khadija, there was a lot of pressure on Uzma Khan and her sister during the past few days and a settlement appeared to be on the cards. Khadija Siddiqui, there might have been a settlement between the two parties due to which she has withdrawn from the case.
“But now that speculations about the same are strong, so I cannot be a part of the case anymore as it would compromise my stance,” she added.
Earlier, video clips showing torture carried out on the actress and her sister allegedly by the daughters of a property tycoon.
A large number of people had jumped into a heated discussion after the release on social media of footage in which a couple of women accompanied by men apparently in security guards’ uniforms are seen to be storming a house and confronting actress Uzma Khan and her sister.
The other clips showed the attacking women abusing Uzma and her sister Huma, slapping and hurling life threats at them for having “relations with Usman”. The pictures also showed shattered glass and damaged articles in the house.
Later, the actress filed an application with the Lahore police seeking action against the attacking women and the armed men. In her application filed with the Defence C police station, Uzma Khan nominated Malik Riaz’s daughters Amina Usman Malik (the wife of Usman Malik), Pashmina Malik and Ambar Malik besides 15 armed men (private guards of these women) and sought criminal case against them.
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