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Unfortunate incident: Daughter makes mother homeless, loots lifelong belongings

In an unfortunate incident, an ungrateful daughter kicked her mother out of their house after looting her lifelong earnings in Karachi.

The mother who now resides at trust in Karachi shared said after the death of her husband, she worked hard to raise her children and today they left her helpless. According to her, her son had already left her as soon as her husband died. However, her daughter lived with her and took care of her needs.

She then married her daughter off working very hard work. The mother was saving her hard-earned money which was about Rs7 lacs. It was her life savings and she wanted to perform Hajj and Umrah with this money.

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However, when her daughter and son-in-law found out about this money, the daughter began persuading her mother to buy a house with the money in which she would stay with her.

Blinded by love for her child, the single mother relied on her daughter’s words. Her daughter and son-in-law first seized the old mother’s money and then kicked her out of the house.