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UNDP establishes Command-and-Control Centre to support GB Police

The Centre will enable GB Police to connect digitally. Source: UNDP Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: UNDP Pakistan has established a Command and Control Centre for Gilgit Baltistan Police to connect digitally in the region.

Inspector General Police Gilgit Baltistan, Mr Saeed Khan Wazir, and UNDP Pakistan Resident Representative Mr Knut Ostby inaugurated the newly established Command and Control Centre on Friday.

The northern areas of Pakistan suffer from internet connectivity issues due to the desolate terrain. The pandemic has also increased the need to connect virtually to work efficiently.

Operational now with relevant equipment including cameras, sound systems, screens and licensed Zoom accounts, the Command and Control Centre will enable the Gilgit Baltistan Police to conduct conferences and meetings virtuall within Gilgit Baltistan and with officials in other provinces as well.

The centre, established through UNDP’s Amn-o-Insaf programme, will also help the capacity building of police officials to use digital platforms and thus save time and reduce costs significantly.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, IGP Gilgit Baltistan, Mr Saeed Khan Wazir thanked UNDP for extending its support, and expressed hope that the collaboration between UNDP and Gilgit Baltistan Police will continue to thrive and grow.

UNDP Pakistan Resident Representative Mr Knut Ostby highlighted that strengthening justice sector institutions is essential to strengthening Rule of Law in Pakistan.

“The Command and Control Centre is a step towards further interventions that will strengthen the justice and rule of law sector in Gilgit Baltistan. With support from our partner, Global Fund, UNDP is also working with the Government of Gilgit Baltistan to develop a Rule of Law roadmap that will provide strategic guidance for rule of law reforms in the region,” he added.

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