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Twitter’s new feature allows users to limit tweet replies

CALIFORNIA: Twitter has introduced another feature that allows its users to limit the numbers of people that can reply to tweets.
The new feature will allow its users to limit how many people can reply to their tweets, giving account-holders more control over conversations on their page.
This feature would also enable Twitter users to carry out better conversations and limit their exposure to online trolls and abusers. All accounts, including those of elected officials, can now select the people who will be allowed to reply while composing a new tweet, Twitter stated.
Users can select from three sets of people – everyone, only people they follow, and only people they mention in the tweet.

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Twitter added that all users can continue to like and retweet posts, but cannot reply if they have been excluded by the author. The new feature is designed to “add a more human touch” to using Twitter, the company said in a blog post.
Previously, Twitter launched a new feature that will allow users to tweet out voice notes in place of traditional text posts.
The Twitter users will soon be able to send an ‘audio’ tweet, the company announced. Users will have an option to share audio recordings of up to 140 seconds directly to their feed to accompany the text, photos, videos, and GIFs they already can share with their followers.
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