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Try this delicious rabri lassi in Karachi

Karachi is not only famous for its food but also drinks.  You not only find a delicious beverage but also some rather unique ones.

Lassi is one of the most popular cold beverages during the hot summers. It is made with a mixture of milk and yogurt with a small amount of sugar or salt (depending on your preferences) which gives it a sweet and sour taste.

There are many joints selling lassi in town and you can drink in at your nearest milk shop. Ajmairi Dil Bahar Lassi House has earned a following for its unique lassi.

It is not a plain drink but ‘rabri lassi’. Situated in the Saudabad area, the joint has been selling delicious lassi for more than fifty years now. The lassi is topped with a layer of rabri, giving a distinct taste.

The special lassi is made with yogurt, following a small amount of water. Then salt or sugar is added to the lassi or fresh mint if desired.

The joint tops the refreshing lassi with rabri and serve it in a bowl with a spoon so you can drink and eat the rabri as well. A glass of the delicious lassi is priced at only Rs. 80.