Trump advises US Congress to fully fund Artemis Program

WASHINGTON:  US President Donald Trump in his State of the Union Address advise Congress to fully fund the Artemis program to return Americans to the moon and set the position for the United States to be the first nation to Mars.
Trump said on Tuesday night mow the US must grip the next frontier, America’s manifest destiny in the stars. He urged Congress to fund this program to make sure that the next man and first woman on the moon will be American astronauts.
He said using this as a launching pad to guarantee that America is the first nation to plant its flag on Mars. NASA’s lately named Artemis program hopes to send US astronauts to the moon by 2024, where they will set up a sustainable presence before going to Mars.
In addition to some time in 2020, Orion will make its first unmanned flight to the moon during the Artemis 1 mission, which will be the first joint test both for the spacecraft and the launch vehicle.
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