Top posts in Murree’s Water Board still vacant

ISLAMABAD: Despite the clear direction of Prime Minister Imran Khan, relevant authority appears reluctant to fill the top positions at Joint Water Board Murree.

According to details, the position of Grade 18 officer in Murree Joint Water Board has been vacant for the past than six months. Meanwhile, two positions of Assistant Engineers are also vacant.

Murree’s residents have been facing severe water shortages and have been deprived of drinking water for some time. Murree requires 3.13 million gallons of water every day to meet its daily requirements. However, the city is being provided with 1.2 million gallons of water.

After the severe water shortage in Murree for the past two weeks, the citizens staged a protest against the high ups of Water Board and the provincial government for their failure to provide the basic necessity.

On the occasion, PTI President Murree Sohail Irfan Abbasi assured the people that the basic rights of local citizens would not be denied. “Providing clean drinking water to the people is the top priority of the government,” he claimed.