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Three reasons why you should be listening to The Weeknd’s new album

The Weeknd has announced that his new album 'Dawn FM' (Billboard)

Famous for his Blinding Lights, Canadian singer Abel, popularly known as ‘The Weeknd’ has recently released his latest album Dawn FM.

After his album ‘After Hours’, the Toronto-born singer’s latest album ‘Dawn FM’ is certainly the singer’s most creative project yet. The album plays like a radio station, featuring autobiographical storytelling. The 16 tracks on the album, are stocked with lush echoes of Michael Jackson, glistening synthesizers that demonstrate The Weeknd’s continued fondness for a new wave with the 80s touch. 

Dawn FM is kinder, gentler, lighter, and yes designed to help us emerge from the darkness into the light. However, in case you need convincing, here are 5 reasons why this album can be your saviour. 

Jim Carrey

Yes, you read it right, this album includes Jim Carrey. He is the smooth talking radio DJ we never knew we needed. Serving as the DJ on 103.5 Dawn FM  is actor Jim Carrey.

Throughout the album Carrey sporadically reappears with clever radio bumpers, as a comforting guide to make sure we remain on course. 

The album’s maturity is expressed in the closing track, ‘Phantom Regret’, written by Carrey who says “Heaven’s for those who let go of regret.” Carrey’s parting words at the album’s end sum it up spiritually: “May peace be with you.”


It’s not The Weeknd’s only angelic voice and dark lyricism that has remained the same, his tracks, the beat, and lyrics were captivating as well throughout the album.

His ‘Gasoline’ is sure to light heart. In this song, the lovestruck Grammy-winner sings, “I love it when you watch me sleep.” By the album’s mid-point, he is deep in regret on ‘Out of Time’ and love-scarred and hardened on ‘Don’t Break My Heart’.

The vocals

The Weeknd sings more beautifully than he ever has on Dawn FM. Offering the captivating sound of an artist who knows he is at the top of his game. From the ‘Less Than Zero’ and ‘Here We Go… Again’, The Weeknd takes us to a brand new wave of the 80s.


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