This Bank will open your account with just one roti

Did you know there is a bank in Karachi where anyone can open an account without depositing any money? Karachi-based Roti Bank lets a person open an account by depositing just a roti.

A project of Yousuf Kayani, who is also a chairman of the Women’s Being Association is based on the charity of food. While talking about the Roti bank to MM news Yousuf Kayani told that the unique ‘Roti Bank’ provides free food to the poor and needy people. The interesting process of feeding the poor begins early in the morning till night.

A hungry person does not only eat a full meal at the Roti bank but also can take food parcels for his family members waiting for him at home. The amazing work of the bank does not stop here, the bank provides biryani twice a week.  

The bank’s menu also includes famous cuisines like Nehari, Chicken Karhai, and Qorma, these foods are also served the other three days. People also eat mouthwatering lentils and cooked vegetables the other two days.

While discussing the menu, Yousuf Kayani said whatever we feed them has quality and quantity. The food the Roti bank provides is so delicious that not only the needy but also our friends eat too.

“The Roti bank makes sure to never let the deserving people feel that they are inferior or we are superior to them because our policy treats all the people equally.” In response to a question, Kayani revealed that the only reason we named the bank a Roti Bank is that anyone can open an account by depositing just a roti here or a loaf.

The basis of the Roti bank lies upon Hazrat Ali’s saying, “If you are in financial difficulties, then trade with Allah and help a poor deserving person to please Allah. He will be pleased with you and will reward you for what you have spent in the way of Allah and will take you out of financial difficulties.”

“That is why we have named it Roti Bank, meaning a person can open his account by depositing a bread or roti here, and with the willingness of  God Almighty, he will be bestowed with happiness and His blessings eventually,” shared Kayani. 

The Roti Bank initially suffered a lot as there were few resources as compared to the margin of the needy people. However, according to Kayani, later many people with strong financial backgrounds helped them. They donated a lot of groceries including meat, rice, spices, ghee, oil at the Roti Bank.

When MM news asked the owner of Makkah restaurant about storing food, he replied that his staff cannot store the leftover food as it starts to get stale and become unable to be eaten, but on the other hand,  while donating the food like biryani and other meals to the Roti Bank, these foods not only fill a hungry stomach but also these foods are saved from being rotten. The owner of Makkah Restaurant also appealed to the people to donate their food instead of throwing it away.

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