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Monday 17th January 2022 / 14 Jamadilakhir 1443

The Most Milky Dessert ‘Rabri’

Rabri, a mouth-watering sweet, milky delight originated from India. The dessert is widely eaten at weddings and events across Pakistan. 

Rabri is made by boiling milk on low heat for a long time until it becomes dense and changes its colour to white or pale yellow. Its an old traditional dish and not everyone in the country serves close to the original taste. 

We have gathered a few places where the milkiest rabri is served:

1) New Al-Mehran Rabri 

Situated at Nazimabad No. 3, Karachi, New Al Mehran Rabri is serving rabri since 1968.  The owner tells how ingredient in rabri is the milk that evaporates and leaves a milky treat behind.

According to him, the right way to serve rabri is in ‘mitti ka kullar’ (earthen pot)  that keeps in fresh and cool. If it gets scorching hot, just keep it in it in the fridge and stay tension free.

He dismissed rumours that rabri nowadays is mixed ith tissues and cotton and they are are not involved in such acts and make rabri in front of their customers. This place sells delicious rabri at Rs.620 per kg but it’s lower than other places.

2) Haji Asghar Rabri

Haji Asghar Rabri has been selling the creamiest rabri since 1978. Situated at Karachi’s Nagan Chowrangi Flyover, they sell zafran (saffron), pista and even mango flavoured rabri too.

The shop manager said what makes rabri special is that its not available at every sweet shop. The thick and rich desserts is made by boiling milk on low heat and taken aromatic favours such as cardamom, saffron, pistachios, and almonds are added.

3) Haji Rabri Walay

Haji Rabri Walay is situated at Hussainabad Food Street and been running since 1948. Originated from Hyderabad, the branch is selling delicious rabri here too.

Rabri can be kept fresh and tasty for up to 15 hours in a refrigerator. The best part of their rabri is its made in the fresh milk.

Their plain rabri is sold at Rs. 600 per kg and pista rabri is sold at Rs. 67o. They also have a branch in Hyderabad.

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