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The inflation bomb of Flour and Wheat

The inflation bomb of Flour and Wheat
While the middle classes are struggling to maintain their standards of living among extraordinary inflation, the poor are finding it even harder to feed themselves. Due to the mismanagement, corruption and illegal stocking of wheat, price of flour has skyrocketed. In the last 5 months the price of flour has gone up by Rs 35 with the commodity being sold at Rs 70 per kilogram across the country. What’s the reality between the hike in price of flour? Let’s have a look:
Illegal stocking of Wheat:
In the previous year, some of the marketers illegally stocked millions of tons of wheat and produce false shortages. After that, the marketers periodically sold the wheat for higher prices in the open market because of which the price of flour automatically rose.The government didn’t take any serious action against those marketers which raises question about their intentions and involvement. On the other hand, Provincial minister Hari Ram Khisori claims that the Sindh government had a wheat reserve of 7 lakh metric tons, even though they had taken one lakh metric tons of wheat from PAASCO but the crisis is still on going.
Artificial Shortage of Wheat:
Marketers are producing artificial shortage of wheat all over the country and are stocking quantities. The shortage of supply in the market has created a crisis as the demand for flour is constantly increasing. In addition to this, mills were also found to be involved in smuggling large quantities of flour.  However, no action has been taking by the concerned authorities.
Mill Owners Stance:
Due to false shortage of wheat, mill owners have demanded to increase the price of flour by Rs 6. As of now the commodity is being sold at Rs 70 all over the country. The Mills Association said that the government is not providing subsidy and relief to the mill owners.
Flour far away from the reach of people:
Gradually, flour is becoming unaffordable by the common man. The price of the most essential commodity has been increased day by day and the government isn’t taking any serious actions against the markerts who are illegally stocking the wheat and producing artificial shortage. A question that must be answered is: why did the government allow flour mill owners to increase the price of flour?
PM Imran takes notice:
Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken notice of the inflating prices of flour across the country. PM Imran took notice of the matter and designated Jahangir Tareen and Minister for National Food Security and Research Khusro Bakhtiar to look for an immediate resolution over the inflation-related crisis.
But will the price of flour be decreased? Will this notice taken by our PM be effective for the people? The is suffering from the inflation bomb dropped by the government. PTI must act now or forever face the wrath of its voters. 
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