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Tawa ice cream is Rawalpindi’s latest trendy treat

RAWALPINDI: An unemployed and well-educated young man from Rawalpindi introduced a unique ice cream made on a cold metal surface “Tawa”.

According to the details, the young man, Qazi Suleiman completed his education first, however, he failed to get a suitable job, and later he started his own Tawa Ice Cream business. Tawa Ice Cream is being well-liked by the citizens.

Talking to MM News Suleiman said, “I completed my studies up to FA, it was not possible for me to continue study due to household expenses as my father is a patient while my mother works in a private hospital.”

He further said, “I looked for a job but did not find it, then I decided to start my own work, which is the most unique.”

Suleiman told that he searched on Google and found out that fresh ice cream can also be made on Tawa. Then he went to Multan and got the machine and learned how to make ice cream on it. After that, the young man formally started his own business in Rawalpindi.

He informed that this machine makes ice cream at minus 25 degrees Celsius. “I have been doing this business for the last two months. Now, by the grace of God, I am running my household expenses in the best possible way,” he added.

To make the Tawa ice cream, milk or cream is poured on a metal plate and cooled to around -23 to 25 degrees Celsius. Then fruits, chocolate chips, candies, cookies, gulab jamun, sweets and more are added to the milk/cream.

It is then immediately chopped up using spatulas. The mashed ingredients are then quickly spread on the cold metal surface to form a thin sheet and then scraped into rolls and served.

Talking to MM News, a customer said it is definitely a treat to watch the ice cream being made in front of you, in addition to watching the cold plate do its magic.

They think it would be more appealing if fresh, seasonal fruits and milk were used. They also recommend that everyone try these at least once. Children, women and adults love to eat Tawa Ice Cream while its price has also been kept very reasonable.