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Taliban plans to remove subjects contradicting Islam and Sharia from curriculum

It was recently reported that the federal cabinet announced by the new government of Afghanistan will be sworn in on September 11 (Photo Online)

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education has announced that some subjects that are contrary to Islamic law will be excluded from the higher education curriculum in the country.

Private universities and other institutions of higher learning in Afghanistan reopened about a week ago, with classes divided by gender. Acting Chief Minister of Education Sheikh Abdul Baqi Haqqani said that co-educational classes would not be acceptable and some changes would be made in the curriculum.

He said the changes would be based on Islamic law. Abdul Baqi said in a press conference, “When the preparations are over, the date of opening of government universities will be announced and it will take less than a week.”

“Any issue that is against Islamic law will be eliminated,” he said. The ministry added that it would launch a program to send students abroad for higher education in the future.

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Yesterday, the Ministry of Education said that women in Afghanistan can get higher education but their classrooms will be separate and their dress will be in accordance with Islamic values. Abdul Baqi Haqqani has said that the Taliban do not want to go back 20 years and will start according to what exists today.