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Taliban has won as militants enter Kabul, says former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani

Ashraf Ghani left Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of Kabul (Photo: Al Jazeera)

KABUL: Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has declared after being ousted from the country that the Taliban had won as soon as they entered Kabul.

Ashraf Ghani said that we did our best but to halt the Taliban from capturing important cities of Aghanistan but after they reached the capital Kabul, the government had no choice but to hand over power to the Taliban.

Ashraf Ghani left Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of Kabul, British media reported, adding that Ghani had fled to Tajikistan. It should be noted that the Taliban has announced a general amnesty for those working for the Afghan government as well as the coalition forces, saying that the protection of the lives and property of the people is the primary responsibility of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

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According to media reports, Taliban spokesman Sohail Shaheen said in a message on Twitter that the Mujahideen would pay special attention to finance, public facilities, government offices and equipment, parks, roads, and bridges.

He said that these are the property of the people and any personal interference or negligence in this regard will not be tolerated and will be strictly protected. “The Islamic State of Afghanistan opens its doors to all those who have worked and helped the invaders in the past or who still stand with the corrupt Afghan government and we are normal for them,” he said.