Alizeh Shah would win a competition held for being rude: Zarnish Khan

Actress Zarnish Khan has called Alizeh Shah a rude person. The actress was recently invited to a talk show where the host asked a question that will she win a competition of rudeness against Alizeh Shah. To which, the actress

Social media users displeased with Zarnish Khan’s bold dance video

Actress Zarnish Khan, who recently offended all the feminists are after her after ‘marriage statement’, has once again landed herself in hot water after her bold dancing video became viral.  A few days ago, the Aitbaar actress attended a wedding

Zarnish Khan clarifies her stance on getting married at early age

Actress Zarnish Khan has clarified her stance in which she favoured early marriage a few days ago and said that all the feminists are after her after the statement. She posted a video on her Instagram account and shared a

Maira Khan lands herself into hot waters over making classist remarks

Pakistani actress Maira Khan has landed herself into hot waters after making classist remarks and mocked people. The actress recently took to Instagram stories and shared her opinion based on where they lived. Khan in a video called out people