Is Wednesday series leaving Netflix for its second season?

The second season of The Addams Family spin-off might not air on Netflix. Tim Burton’s “Addams Family” offshoot starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday officially become the third title to cross 1 billion hours viewed on Netflix within one month. The series immediately

Everything you need to know about ‘Wednesday’ season 2

Netflix’s newly released show ‘Wednesday’ has been making rounds on social media and people are already talking about its season 2. The show is currently planted at #1 on Netflix, and no, unlike many recent Netflix series, it is not

Are you excited to meet the new Addams Family in Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’?

Who does not remember the 90s movie ‘The Addams Family’? a classic Halloween which is still favourite to many Millennials. Now, the same weird family’s one of the favourite characters named Wednesday Addams is all set to terrify Netflix viewers

Light rainfall expected in Karachi on Wednesday night

KARACHI: The Pakistan Meteorological Department said that temperatures in the city are expected to fall after the rain, The weather is expected to be pleasant on Wednesday. Another spell of rain is expected in different parts of Karachi between Wednesday