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Pakistani tech startup raises $1.4 million in seed funding

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan technology startup RemoteBase has raised $1.4 million, equivalent to approximately 22 crore rupees in a seed investment round led by Indus Valley Capital. RemoteBase connects Pakistani software engineers and developers with Silicon Valley companies, giving international exposure to

Apple becomes first US company to hit $2 trillion in market value

SAN FRANCISCO: Tech giant Apple has become the first US company to reach $2 trillion in market value. It reached the milestone just two years after becoming the world’s first trillion-dollar company in March 2018. Its share price hit $467.77

Uber buys UK taxi software company Autocab

LONDON: Uber has agreed to buy the British tech company Autocab to expand in areas where it does not currently operate in the United Kingdom. The firm said the acquisition will allow it to link people who open their Uber

Facebook will label newsworthy posts that break rules

WASHINGTON: Facebook will start labeling newsworthy content that violates policies and label all posts and ads about voting with links to authoritative information including those from politicians. A Facebook spokeswoman confirmed the new policy would have meant attaching a link

Google tightens privacy settings for new users

SAN FRANCISCO: Google has begun auto-deleting search data and location history for new users on a rolling 18-month basis as the tech giant moves to tighten privacy settings. The move is the latest attempt to boost public trust after hefty

Dubai police deploy smart helmets in coronavirus fight

DUBAI: Police in the United Arab Emirates have deployed smart helmets that can scan the temperatures of hundreds of people every minute in their effort to combat coronavirus. The helmets, which need less time and less contact than traditional thermometers,

Youtube free to censor content under US Constitution: ruling

SAN FRANCISCO: Tech giants including Google, Youtube, and Facebook are free to censor content as they wish, a US court has ruled in a landmark freedom of speech case concerning internet platforms. The decision by San Francisco’s Ninth Circuit appeals

Macron, Trump agree to hold tech giants off on digital tax

PARIS: Presidents Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump have decided to extend to the end of the year negotiations on a French tax on digital giants, delaying the threat of sanctions against Paris by Washington, a French diplomatic source said Monday.