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Facebook cuts access to research project over data collection policies

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook has cut off some academic researchers for “scraping” data from the platform, sparking a fresh controversy about the leading social network’s transparency to outside experts studying misinformation and abusive content. The tech giant acted to block the

Eating half an egg a day increases death risk by 7%: Study

Researchers have found eating just half a whole egg increases the likelihood of death by seven percent. According to a foreign news agency, research claimed that eating only half an egg, including yolks and whites, is dangerous health, and eating

UVC lamps may help in curbing COVID-19’s spread: Study

NEW YORK: The recent study has shown that Ultraviolet-C (UVC) lamps could be used to kill the coronavirus, which had affected 4.1 million people globally. The researchers at Columbia University have been working on the analysis of and the current

Income instability may affect mental health: study

NEW YORK: A recent study has suggested that young adults who couldn’t earn the same amount of money from year to year face mental health issues in midlife compared to those with a steady income. Researchers collected income data over