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Number of twins being born higher than ever: Study

LONDON: More twins, almost one in 40 children, are being born than ever before, due to the rapid rise in medically assisted reproduction as a major factor. More than 1.6 million twins are now being born every year, researchers said

Microplastics found on top of the world at Mount Everest

KATHMANDU (AFP): Traces of microplastics have been found close to the top of Mount Everest, a study showed, likely originating from equipment used by the hundreds of climbers who summit the world’s highest peak every year. Fluorescent tents, discarded climbing

Around 8,000 healthcare workers affected by COVID-19 in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: New research has revealed that the novel coronavirus has affected up to 8,000 healthcare professionals in Pakistan so far. According to the ministry of national health services, 19, 87 healthcare workers have died, while there are a total of

People with health problems risk contracting coronavirus: Study

PARIS: A recent study has claimed that medically unwell people are at a heightened risk of contracting the COVID-19 infection, which has killed more than 420,000 people globally. A team of experts from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical

Hydroxychloroquine ineffective at preventing COVID-19

NEW YORK: Scientists have conducted a clinical trial that reported taking hydroxychloroquine shortly after being exposed to COVID-19 does not help prevent infection in a meaningful way. The anti-malarial drug has been touted by US President Donald Trump who has

No evidence of coronavirus changing its severity: Study

WASHINGTON: Researchers have rejected a recent finding that the novel coronavirus gradually loses its potency and that the severity of illness is decreasing. According to the Italian doctor, Alberto Zangrillo, the head of the San Raffaele Hospital in Italy, a

Study finds speech may contribute to COVID-19 spread

WASHINGTON: The research has revealed that microdroplets generated by speech can play a role in spreading COVID-19. A published study showed that the microdroplets can remain suspended in the air for over ten minutes causing a potential risk of spreading

Anti-viral drugs shorten COVID-19 in mild cases: Study

HONG KONG: A new study has found that patients suffering milder illness caused by the new coronavirus recover more quickly if treated with a three-drug antiviral cocktail soon after symptoms appear. Kwok-Yung Yuen, professor at the University of Hong Kong,

New era is all about research and education, says President Alvi

ISLAMABAD: President Dr. Arif Alvi has said that the new era was all about research and education. While addressing at the COMSATS University, Dr. Arif Alvi was quoted saying that we must move from a produce-consume-waste society towards a retain-conserve

Cancer is the leading cause of deaths in developed regions

PARIS: Cancer has turned into the main source of death in rich nations, overwhelming surpassing coronary illness, as indicated by the after effects of two milestone, decade-long worldwide reviews of health patterns released on Tuesday.  Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) remains the main